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BMW 3-Series: Still the King

By Joshua Levinstone

Ok, yes.  I love BMWs and everything in this article is biased.  But there’s a reason for that love. The 3-Series in my eyes has always been the coolest car on the market.  Heck, BMWs are just coo

Reasons Behind Mushrooming Shock Towers in Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is a historic and famous car that drivers from all over the world love and cherish. Even with it being such a reliable and well-made vehicle, the Mini Cooper may still experience some issues from time to …

Certified Pre-Owned Explained

By Joshua Levinstone
A few weeks ago I wrote an article breaking down the many details that go into extended warranties.  I also briefly touched on Certified Pre-Owned cars as a comparison, because so many people ar

Understanding Vehicle Financing

By Joshua Levinstone
Much like the information about extended warranties in my previous post, there is a lot of conflicting and confusing information about automotive finance.  And just like so many aspects of ca

Redefining Dealerships

By Joshua Levinstone
Nowadays, a growing number of companies are trying to make the vehicle purchasing experience ‘better’ by consolidating all brands into a one-stop-shop, like Carmax, or by simply eliminating