5 Tips On Storing Your Car For Winter

You are no doubt enjoying a few days of Indian summer. This really is a great time to go out driving and see all of the amazing colors that autumn has to show. It all has to end, and winter is going to set in. Every almanac on the market is saying that we are in for a very rough time. The cold months can last for up to five months, and you may want to have that high-performance car you own placed in winter storage. It is not a bad idea, but there are a few things you should do to keep that car in good order.

1. Routinely take a look at your car’s cooling system.
This is extremely important in areas where subzero weather is a daily occurrence. Don’t assume that just because your car is inside that the antifreeze won’t freeze up on you. All it takes is a routine test of the cooling system to be sure that everything is all right.

Car In Good Condition During Winter

2. Inspect the air pressure in your tires.
Winter can be rough on those four rubber wheels. When the temperatures get cold it can cause the air pressure in the tires to decrease. Granted, you are not driving around on a regular basis with the car in storage, but you do not want to have under inflated tires when spring arrives. All it takes is an inexpensive pressure gauge to check the tires during the winter.

3. Have a full tank of gasoline.
Even if the car is in a garage, there is a chance that moisture can build up in the tank. This can cause a corrosion problem you really do not want to have. A full tank of gasoline will absorb the moisture and keep it from being a problem.

4. Start the car periodically.
This is standard advice for any car that is not going to be driven for an extended period of time. All it takes is starting the car for 10 to 15 minutes every few days. It keeps the electric system working properly, particularly the car battery. Even if the car is not going to be mobile, an inspection of the battery for any sign of corrosion is a simple maintenance job to do.

5. Take a look at the belts and hose.
This is just to determine whether or not they are becoming brittle because of the cold weather and those long periods when the car is not being heated up.

Car In WinterAll of the above can be considered the essential chores needed to keep your car in good working order during those long, dark months. This is also a time when you can do a few little projects that are good for your car’s overall condition. You can consider winter as a time when things that should be fixed can be worked on. This could include perhaps taking a look at the upholstery to see if it needs some stitching. It also is a good idea to do a cleaning of the upholstery. Rust is always a problem, no matter what the season is, and car in winter storage can be given a really good wax job. This adds a little bit of welcome protection to the exterior metal. You may also want to consider applying a sealant to further protect the car body from rust. Don’t forget scheduled maintenance work while your car is in the winter garage. That is just due diligence that helps keep the car in top performance. If possible, try to have a full inspection or tune-up of the car before the car is placed into storage. That would include checking the oil and the oil filters, as well as see if the spark plugs need attention.

Everything that you are doing in the winter is getting that high-performance car ready for the warmer months. It is not a good idea to just forget about the vehicle. Cars that are put away for the duration of snow still need to have a little bit of work done to keep them in top form. It really does not take an awful lot of time or trouble. Keep in mind that the very last thing you do not want to see when you open up the garage is a car with under inflated or flat tires, a battery that simply will not kick in, and a gasoline tank that is showing signs of serious corrosion.