7 Tips and Tricks to Purchase a Used Car in Denver

Finding a good quality used car can be tough if you do not prepare yourself ahead of time. Some companies can rip you off and give you a junker, and you want to avoid it at all costs. You have to know what you are looking for, how to find it, and how to properly deal with any seller. Be confident about your purchase and read these tips!

Tip 1: Find out which model suits your needs best

Do you need a lot of space? You will need a bigger vehicle with more efficient storage. If you need better gas mileage, you should find a car that provides the best for the money you are spending. Things to consider about your needs:

Any of these factors need to be carefully considered so that you can narrow down your choices to a few that you are comfortable with.

Tip 2: Take note of how reliable the vehicles you are considering have been in the past

A quickGoogle search can show you all of the reviews from owners before, and some sites even go into the specifics of the efficiency of each factor mentioned. If the model you are looking at has overwhelming bad reviews and problems, you may want to bump it to the bottom of your list unless you have no other choice.

Tip 3: Check out your local dealerships online

Dealers who have awebsite can give you a better idea of what kind of business they run. Previous buyers will have reviewed them. Pay attention and make sure that the dealer has not sold customers a lemon for an outrageous price before. Some people will try to scam you, but you are smarter than that!

Tip 4: Look at pricing guides to get the best value for your money

What was the initial price of the vehicle? Look at that, and assess how usage and wear will reduce the cash value. Some sites help you with that, but you never know for sure until you get there and look at a vehicle in person.

Tip 5: Ask for the history of the vehicle that you are looking to buy before you try it

You should ask some questions to get a better idea of how your car could behave in the future. Questions like:

  • How many miles have been driven previously?
  • Has this vehicle ever been in a crash?
  • If so, how many times?
  • Has the vehicle had significant repairs done recently?
  • What was the damage before, and how serious was it?
  • In what year was this vehicle manufactured?
  • Has this model ever been recalled? Why?

This will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Older cars may not be as fuel efficient as more recent models. High mileage on the odometer indicates that the lifespan of the vehicle has been shortened significantly. Anything more than 75,000 miles is considered high mileage in a model that is 5 years released or less. Significant damage in the past or vehicle recalls indicate that something is wrong and will likely go wrong again.

Tip 6: Take the car for a test drive

You will never truly know whether or not a vehicle is comfortable and right for you until you get behind the wheel. If you like how it feels and it runs smoothly, then you should be good to move on to the next step! If the vehicle jerks or the engine smokes, you have a dreaded “lemon” on your hands. If the vehicle pulls to the side while you are driving, the wheels are out of alignment. This can be fixed, but do not buy a car from anyone who did not repair glaring problems beforehand.

Used Car Test Drive

Tip 7: Negotiate

Bring all of the information that you researched before you came and factor in your experience with the vehicle itself. Taking that into account, you may find that the pricing is not fair. Have a civil discussion with the dealer and negotiate a price that you think is just; give them a little room to counteroffer, but do not let them oversell what you are getting. Don’t offer far lower than the initial price; that can be insulting, and the dealer may become less likely to hear out another offer from you. Once you reach an agreement, you can drive off into the sunset with your new used car.

Where to Get a Reliable Used Car Automotive Imports has everything you need when looking up a reliable dealership. You can look up CARFAX reports for the history of each vehicle offered for sale; this saves you the trouble of asking about a car’s history — you’ll already know it! Browse before you come and buy. We guarantee that we won’t sour your experience with a lemon! If you are in the Boulder, Lakewood, Centennial, Westminster, Littleton, or Denver areas of Colorado, we’ve got you covered.