A Clean Air Filter Is Critical for Good Performance

Car owners stay vigilant about the maintenance of their automobile, particularly if it’s an imported model. These works of craftsmanship costs a fair amount of money and it’s very important to ensure that the motor runs well and everything  is as it should be. Sometimes it is the small things that are the most important for good performance. A clean air filter is important for good car performance underneath the hood.Car Air Filter

The Benefits

An engine works best when it is not splattered with grime or crust from the road. If the air filter does nothing more, it protects the engine from debris that could include small insects and bits of dirt. It allows for a very free flow of air into the engine, and in an imported car the engine is often the crowning glory of the machine. Performance can be altered in a negative way if the air filter is too dirty, and is the best reason to keeping a clean air filter in place.

The Warning Signals

An automobile may be just a machine but it communicates rather clearly when there are problems. A very immediate sign of a filthy air filter is a decrease in the gasoline mileage of the car. Dirt can get into the spark plug area and ignition problems can surface. These are telegraphing to the driver that clean air is not reaching the engine component underneath the hood. Getting a new air filter is not something that should be delayed indefinitely. Car manufacturers suggest a rule of thumb that a new filter be put in place every 12 to 15,000 miles. The results can be almost immediate with gas mileage improving significantly and a possible fuel savings along with it.

Importance for Imported Cars

Car Maintenance

There are number of foreign models that don’t require air filters being changed on a frequent basis, but that does not mean that the air filters should not be inspected and replaced if necessary. The engine of these vehicles is a well-crafted piece of machinery and is intended to perform smoothly for extended period of time. Allowing debris and grime to get into the works can result in not just inefficiencies, but the possibility of repair work looms over it.
Foreign models, particularly the German brand, require a higher octane gasoline than the normal American passenger car. This means that the owner is probably using premium gasoline on a routine basis. The negative side of a dirty air filter on gas mileage means that the person is going to be spending even more money than just the premium extra cost. It makes good sense, therefore, for the owner to see to it that he or she is getting every dime’s worth of mileage out of every gallon of gasoline.

Air Filters aren’t all the Same

Given their importance and the uniqueness of various imported cars, it is not a good idea to assume that there is a one size fits all type of air filter. Cars such as a Mercedes or BMW have their own special needs as far as air filters, and it is important to use the right one. An automotive repair center that specializes in imported cars ordinarily has a supply of air filters and other accessories. The right air filter can be put in an imported car and allow for greater efficiency.
The general air quality in the area can have an impact on air filters being replaced. Atmospheres with high pollution or great amounts of pollen in the spring should make a driver especially sensitive to the needs of the air filters. This type of maintenance awareness is just a part of owning an extremely good automobile. Imported cars are often crafted by skilled hands and the engines are meant to perform at optimum levels for years. Seeing to it that the air intake to the engines is free of any obstruction from the environment will see to it that these amazing vehicles provide the smooth ride the owners are hoping to have.
Rather than deal with an ordinary garage, it is a smart idea for the car owner to develop a relationship with an automotive care center that serves the imported car niche. Mechanics and staff are trained in various designs and have equipment available to make any kind of replacement without a problem. As mentioned earlier, these places also maintain a supply of what is needed to keep the car running at top performance. Working with them is a sensible way to protect a vehicle investment.