Benefits Of A Tiptronic Transmission Over A Standard Manual Transmission

There is no question that an automobile is not a cheap little toy. A person who has an eye on the dollar wants to know what he or she is investing in before the papers are signed. This means checking on various car parts and what are the pros and cons. Comparisons can certainly help. There are two types of transmission that can be considered when looking at cars: the tiptronic and the standard manual. The former has some fairly decent advantages over the latter.

Difference between tiptronic and standard manual transmission

A tiptronic transmission is an automatic transmission that thinks it’s a manual. That does sound a little funny but it is a fairly good definition. The standard automatic transmission will have a computer make the selection of the gear for the car to drive in, but the tiptronic gives the decision to the driver. It allows for the performance of the car to be more in the hands of the person behind the wheel while at the same time giving the sense of a manual transmission. On top of that, the tiptronic is just as easy as an automatic transmission to operate. It comes close to having the best of all possible worlds for the driver. The advantages are best seen when the car owner has to make routine trips through metropolitan areas.

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Advantage of tiptronic transmission

The tiptronic has no clutch and works extremely well in the stop and go driving of urban traffic. The driver can be a bit more proactive because this individual has better control over performance with the tiptronic. He or she can choose either to drive in automatic mode or manual depending on the chosen setting. Not having to be manually operating a stick all the time is perhaps the biggest advantage of the tiptronic over a standard manual. Many folks have a difficult time with the standard manual because they are having to do the physical shifting. That can be a bit intimidating until the driver becomes more comfortable doing it. The standard also requires more concentration on driving itself. While this may be what an owner of a sports car is willing to do, most drivers want to get behind the wheel and just do errands. The standard can get greater acceleration but in urban traffic, which can go just above snail’s pace, greater power and speed isn’t worth an awful lot. The average driver simply isn’t looking for a power drive.

Why tiptronic is the transmission of choice?

The driving preferences of the owner is very important. Those who enjoy greater use of horsepower are going to be in the standard manual transmission camp. A tiptronic is boring in contrast. Yet, for someone who drives children around the last thing wanted is a very exciting ride. The advantages of the tiptronic are noticeable in the show room. Consumers who are currently shopping are quite aware that the standard manual transmission is being seen on fewer and fewer automobiles. The tiptronic is becoming very much the transmission of choice for the buying public. The auto manufacturers want to have the fun of a manual and the convenience of an automatic in one transmission. That is the tiptronic.

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The comparisons for the shopper have the sports car enthusiast wanting the standard manual transmission; tiptronic just isn’t as exciting and can’t get the acceleration. On the other hand the learning curve on the standard is too much for many people. Moreover, it is hard to get into the enjoyment of driving a standard when rush hour traffic slows things down to a crawl. Tiptronic can better handle that situation.

There is no going back to the standard manual for most car manufacturers. Audi, BMW, and Jaguar are among the top grade auto companies who are using the Tiptronic transmission. The car makers who produce for the general public such as Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, and Toyota are pretty well sold on the tiptronic and are using it. There really is not much more of a competition between standard manual and tiptronic. The latter has won in the eyes of most buyers. Any real discussion is now focused between the tiptronic and the automatic transmission. Technical research will probably bend more towards making the tiptronic even easier for the driving consumer to use. The standard will be left to a few sporty models and not much more than that.