Benefits of Flushing Your Coolant System

Owning a car is both luxury and responsibility. Driving a high performance imported model is definitely a joy but there are obligations. Maintenance is something that has to be routine and not just on annual basis. The owner of a high-priced car was to get the most out of his or her investment. That comes with extended life on the vehicle which regular maintenance guarantees. Flushing the coolant system on a routine basis is a beneficial maintenance job.

This is not something that should be determined by outdoor weather. It doesn’t matter if winter or summer is approaching; the coolant flush is necessary maintenance. The reason is the incredibly high temperatures generated by a car’s engine system. The radiator will use the coolant and water mixture to lower the temperature of the engines. A car owner has to understand that in the process of driving the temperature underneath the hood can reach a point close to overheating. Coolant itself has a lifespan of just so long. The mixture that is used to maintain stable heat will eventually break down. Another reason for the flush has to deal with debris. Mineral deposits can accumulate in the coolant system normally, and this matter has to be flushed out of the system to improve efficiency. The residue of the old coolant can cause problems and flushing the system gets rid of the older particles.

Coolant AntifreezeFlushing should not be confused with draining. When a car owner drains the radiator it does not eliminate all of the old antifreeze. In fact, most of the contaminant that has built up in the system will remain. A radiator flush requires literally pushing several gallons of antifreeze through the court system. This will sweep out the old antifreeze and any residue. It means that scale and rust deposits that have built up in the radiator are removed. This is extremely beneficial to the car because the buildups will work to create overheating and cause damage.

There are some other benefits to the cooling system that flushing will provide. The additives in the new coolant serve to lubricate the water pump of the car. Those additional ingredients of the coolant will also serve to prevent rust build up within the radiator.

Coolant Flushing

A radiator coolant flush uses a 50-50 ratio of coolant and distilled water and that’s the main difference between it and a radiator flush. There is also a procedure known as a radiator power flush that will take in consideration the entire cooling system of the car. It can be thought of as superior wash and clean of the radiator interior. The timing of whatever is used to clean up coolant system can depend on the age of the car itself. Ordinarily, a new car will have no difficulty for at least 10,000 miles. A routine flush of a car’s cooling system ought to be done at least every two years. The flush can actually be a do-it-yourself project for someone who enjoys working underneath the hood. However if a person feels more comfortable having an automotive maintenance center do the work, the cost of one of these procedures is not prohibitive. It is something that can be part of a regular maintenance appointment. A benefit of having an auto mechanic do the work is that it will be a complete job. This professional will do exactly what is needed to make sure there is no residue from the old coolant, and any rust or debris is out of the radiator. The complete job done by a mechanic may in fact be well worth the cost. The alternative would be a do-it-yourself job that might not cover all the bases.

CoolantFlushing the coolant system plays a major role in maintaining the mechanical health of both the radiator and the engine. Overheating is a danger that can result in major repair expenses. It can also strip years off the life of the car, as rust and debris have an impact on the rest of the automotive system. Anyone who has a high performance or luxury car must be willing to go the extra mile on preventive maintenance. The flush is not just simply an additional chore on a checklist. It is a means of keeping a very expensive car at top performance levels.