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I3 Driving Impression from a real car guy!

Fast, ohh yeah with the weirdest quite whoosh this car really accelerates quickly. It is quick from a stop, it is q… Read More

BMW i3 …. The future of tomorrow Electric & Hybrid repair

Automotive Imports is excited to be one of the first independent shops in Colorado to have an Electric and Hybrid mechan… Read More

New Tires

When Should I Rotate My Tires?

Car maintenance makes smart financial sense. Everyone wants to get as much of a return on investment as possible with th… Read More

Brake Rotor Crack

Causes And Fixes For Warped Brake Rotors

Car owners will sometimes get very confused by the terminology used by auto mechanics. It is important to have some unde… Read More

Corner Traction Control

How Does Traction Control Keep My Car Under Control?

Summer was fun while it lasted. Now we are starting to get into the colder months. Some places are starting to see a few sno… Read More

Car In Winter

5 Tips On Storing Your Car For Winter

You are no doubt enjoying a few days of Indian summer. This really is a great time to go out driving and see all of the amazin… Read More

Fuel Tank Cover

Causes Of Engine Knock In German Performance Cars

You have paid a pretty penny for that high-powered German automobile. You want good performance as a reward for the inve… Read More

Lever With Interior Function

Benefits Of A Tiptronic Transmission Over A Standard Manual Transmission

There is no question that an automobile is not a cheap little toy. A person who has an eye on the dollar wants to know what he … Read More

Transmission Fluid Topup

Does “Flushing” A Transmission Do More Damage Than Good?

Conscientious automobile owners stay up on maintenance work. They realize that doing some ordinary activities will a… Read More

Power Steering

How To Tell If Your Power Steering Pump Is Bad

Power steering is great! It is wonderful to be able to change directions with just a tap of the finger on the steering whee… Read More

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