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How to Maintain the Suspension System in Your European Car

Many of us work hard to earn the European car of our dreams, and once your dream car is yours, you’ll want to make it last as long as possible. The suspension is one of the most integral parts of your car, and ensuring it is w…

Am I Buying a Quality Used Car?

If experience has taught me anything, it’s that I should NEVER work on my, or anyone’s, car.  While I know enough to perform most basic maintenance, like changing fluids and replacing brakes, I always end up with a ca

What to Check Prior to Buying a Used Mercedes E-Class

When we think of Mercedes, three names come to mind, C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class. For decades now, these models have dominated the luxury vehicle market, offering the very best in German engineering worldwide. B…


For the handful of people who actually read my little blog, it’s no secret that I binge any and every car article I can find.  And not just articles about cars. I really enjoy reading other’s opinions about vehicle sho

How to Evaluate the Current Price of Your Used Car in Denver

Knowing what a car’s market value is can be incredibly useful if you are looking to sell your car or even if you are looking to buy one. Having an accurate price of a car can help you make wise decisions when it comes to buyi…

To Buy or Modify?

As A.I.’s Resident Car Nerd, I spend more time than I care to admit watching videos and reading articles about cars–both at home… and at work.  I’m an avid subscriber to Jalopnik. They’ve actually written abo

Damage on a CarFax?

What in the world does “Damage Reported” mean on a CarFax report?  As if car shopping wasn’t already a daunting ordeal–finding the vehicle with the right options, miles, and service history–you …

Building a Database for Everyone

In several of my previous posts over the past few months I have documented our many changes we are making at our dealership in order to really set ourselves apart from our competitors.  

Some of those have been as s…

4 Untold Things You Need to Know About Buying a Used Car in Denver

Car shopping is a fun yet stressful experience. There are so many factors to consider before signing the dotted line. You have to take into account the car’s reputation, reliability, and most importantly, your budg

Volkswagen e-Golf

With the rise in popularity and declining costs of electric vehicles, we have invested in the tools and training to properly service vehicles like Teslas, Nissan Leafs, BMW i3s, and more.  I am a textbook skept…

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