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How To Tell If You Have A Blown Head Gasket

Proper automobile maintenance many times takes on the “for the want of the horseshoe nail” appearance. A car owner is always very vigilant about the transmission and the current battery, but sometimes it is the smal…

What Happens When An Engine Has A Bad Injector?

If anyone needs to be reminded, fuel injectors are important because they are the reason why the engine has any fuel in it at all. The injectors will deliver exactly the right amount of gasoline as directed from the eng

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your MPG

All it takes is a trip to the gas station to understand how important it is to have fuel economy. The prices of fuel are starting to rise once again this year. The ability to get as much mileage on each gallon of gasoline is …

The Importance Of Timing Belt Replacement

An automobile is an amazing creation of mechanics. All parts work together to allow the superbly crafted vehicle to operate. Problems with one particular component can have an immediate and serious effect on other …

Benefits of Flushing Your Coolant System

Owning a car is both luxury and responsibility. Driving a high performance imported model is definitely a joy but there are obligations. Maintenance is something that has to be routine and not just on annual basis. T…

Why Do European cars need fewer oil changes?

Oil changes are a part of auto maintenance. The oil lubricates moving parts and prevents friction from wearing down the metal surfaces of counseling moving piece of machinery. It also helps keep the engine relative…

When should I replace my clutch?

Cars eventually stopped running permanently. The life of any car is extended considerably by the owner being sensible enough to take care of it. This means paying attention to important components such as alternat

Do “Lifetime Fluids” (like transmission and differential fluids) really never need to be changed?

The Dillema: Need Change or Not

Certain fluids such as the transmission and differential have got to be maintained in the best condition possible. The reason for the transmission fluid in particular to be watched is …

Do I Need to Flush My Coolant?

A car is a significant investment. It is one of the largest consumer loans that a person would have to pay, and it is important to get as much return on investment as possible. This means finding ways to lengthen the life

Take Care of the Wheel Alignment and Camber

It is the driving experience that people enjoy about German cars. It is the way these vehicles navigate the road that makes people want to have a BMW or Audi in the garage. Driving around in one of these beauties does req…

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