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Do “Lifetime Fluids” (like transmission and differential fluids) really never need to be changed?

The Dillema: Need Change or Not

Certain fluids such as the transmission and differential have got to be maintained in the best condition possible. The reason for the transmission fluid in particular to be watched is …

Do I Need to Flush My Coolant?

A car is a significant investment. It is one of the largest consumer loans that a person would have to pay, and it is important to get as much return on investment as possible. This means finding ways to lengthen the life

Take Care of the Wheel Alignment and Camber

It is the driving experience that people enjoy about German cars. It is the way these vehicles navigate the road that makes people want to have a BMW or Audi in the garage. Driving around in one of these beauties does req…

A Clean Air Filter Is Critical for Good Performance

Car owners stay vigilant about the maintenance of their automobile, particularly if it’s an imported model. These works of craftsmanship costs a fair amount of money and it’s very important to ensure that the motor …

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