Building a Database for Everyone

In several of my previous posts over the past few months I have documented our many changes we are making at our dealership in order to really set ourselves apart from our competitors.  

Some of those have been as simple as updating our already fun showroom, while others have been organizing important information about warranties, financing, and all the little details of the car-buying process most people aren’t aware of.

Most recently has been our training program, which I hope to share with our current and prospective customers very soon.  When I say “training” I don’t mean our SOPs or HR guidelines. What I have been working on is building a database for to identify options and packages on all the different brands and models.

Starting with a simple visual identifier guide that breaks down what options are exclusive to what packages, should hopefully make it easier to understand the value of seemingly similar vehicles.  The next step is a bit more in-depth. Picking up where the quick identifiers leave off, I am compiling a list of manufacturers’ Order Guides, so you can have access to all the information big dealerships have.

All of this information can be found across the internet, but nobody has apparently thought to compile it all into one central database, especially not any dealerships.  Which seems silly because if you are selling quality vehicles at competitive pricing, then information is an ally, not a setback. And it’s something which the more we compile, the more valuable we see this as.

The primary focus started out as a way to help our sales team more easily learn and retain the overwhelming amount of information which they need to know in order to best do their jobs.  Sure, if we hired smooth-talking, careered salespeople who can sell ice to Eskimos, it wouldn’t matter how much they did or didn’t know.

But that’s not us.  That’s not who we ever want to be.  We don’t even like the terms salesperson, because that’s not what their job really is.  I mean, yea, they are technically facilitating your car purchase process, but we are not out to be simple “yes-men” just trying to get you to buy something.

Our expectations for our team is to be almost overly knowledgeable about all the vehicles we sell, and have the ability to truly help you find the right vehicle which fits your wants and needs.  The only way to give you accurate information is to have it, and that information shouldn’t be difficult to attain.

I hope to have everything formatted and ready to launch to the public soon, so keep following our blog and Facebook page for updates.