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Meet Our Resident Car Nerd

If you’ve been to our dealership or just seen pics online, hopefully you can see that we like to do things differently.  We aren’t trying to sell a thousand cars each month; instead, our goal is to to share our love and passion for cars with our customers by removing all of the worst aspects of the traditional car-buying experience, and making our dealership a genuinely fun place where you can find the car that’s right for you.

Why Have a Resident Car Nerd?

Like the vast majority of our team here, I have worked with Dave, the owner of A.I., for many years, and over that time he and I have brainstormed on all the ways we can continue to make his business better–a place people can come and celebrate these mechanical things which play such a major role in all of our lives.  While making major changes to any business is a daunting task, Dave and I decided to do just that, and what we came up with is, what I believe, pretty special: Me!

Yep, I paid to have this picture taken.

Since I’ve always been a car nerd and the go-to guy for specific, car-related questions, it just seemed like a natural fit.  I love to talk cars–maybe even to a fault. I’ve been in this industry six years–enough time to see the bad and recognize the good. Before that I worked with children, so customer service and relationship building are what I enjoy.  So after many hours (and many drinks) brainstorming how we could improve the experience at A.I., Dave and I decided that we needed a face for the brand, a central hub, free from sales, where current and potential customers can ask questions and get (mostly) unbiased information–I am a diehard BMW fanatic.  We want a place and a face where nobody feels like they’re being up-sold when they just have a question; a person whose sole job is to make sure our customers can get useful information.

What Can I Help With?

My job is to train and educate our sales team on all the pedantic details of the vehicles we sell, so as a potential customer you’re not just working with another yes-man.  It’s my job to ensure that our vision of actually being different, being better, happens everyday, and that we continue to grow and improve. Over the next few months we will have tons of amazing ideas that we’ll be rolling out, and I look forward to introducing you to them. In the mean time, if you have any questions feel free to give us a call!

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Also, keep an eye on our BLOG, as I won’t just be documenting our progress there, but I’ll be compiling a list of consumer-oriented information detailing behind-the-scenes information most people aren’t aware of, about topics like financing, warranties, vehicle maintenance, and other information we think all consumers should know about before purchasing a vehicle. Because knowledge is power! Too cheesy? Maybe. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my little introduction.

Your Resident Car Nerd,
Josh L.