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Certified Pre-Owned Explained

By Joshua Levinstone
A few weeks ago I wrote an article breaking down the many details that go into extended warranties.  I also briefly touched on Certified Pre-Owned cars as a comparison, because so many people a

Range Rover: Perfect Anywhere

    I have always been a fan of Range Rovers. They exude elegance, they’re poised and refined, and they manage all of that while still offering unrivaled off-road capability. Simply put, from Moab to Monte Carlo, they

How to Maintain Your New or Used Car’s Engine

Properly caring for any vehicle, whether it’s brand new or used, requires some forethought and planning – otherwise, you’re just waiting for things to go wrong and addressing them as they come. Maintaining y

Advantages of Buying a Certified Used Car

Finding the right car is often a frustrating process. While we all want a brand new, shiny car, it’s not always attainable or affordable. Certified pre-owned cars are a good way to get an excellent deal on a car that o…

Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Car for a High Re-Sale Value

Owning a car takes a lot of hard work and effort if you want it to pay off in the end. Luxury cars in particular hold their re-sale values well; but not if they aren’t well-maintained! There are multiple layers to autom

Causes Of Engine Knock In German Performance Cars

You have paid a pretty penny for that high-powered German automobile. You want good performance as a reward for the investment, and ordinarily an owner of a German car is not disappointed. However, there are some pro…

Does “Flushing” A Transmission Do More Damage Than Good?

Conscientious automobile owners stay up on maintenance work. They realize that doing some ordinary activities will add years of life and performance on to their car. That being said, there are instances where ther…

How To Tell If You Have A Blown Head Gasket

Proper automobile maintenance many times takes on the “for the want of the horseshoe nail” appearance. A car owner is always very vigilant about the transmission and the current battery, but sometimes it is the …

What Happens When An Engine Has A Bad Injector?

If anyone needs to be reminded, fuel injectors are important because they are the reason why the engine has any fuel in it at all. The injectors will deliver exactly the right amount of gasoline as directed from the eng

The Importance Of Timing Belt Replacement

An automobile is an amazing creation of mechanics. All parts work together to allow the superbly crafted vehicle to operate. Problems with one particular component can have an immediate and serious effect on other …

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