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I Think I Like SUVs…

For the longest time I never appreciated, or really even enjoyed driving SUVs.  I always felt like they compromised too many things in the pursuit of too many things.  And for a long time, I was right. SUVs o…

Servicing Modern Vehicles

by Josh L.
I have said this many times over the years: “You never know the true value of your car until you sell it.”  What I mean is that it’s not how much you purchase a car for that determines a good deal; it’s w

BMW 3-Series: Still the King

By Joshua Levinstone

Ok, yes.  I love BMWs and everything in this article is biased.  But there’s a reason for that love. The 3-Series in my eyes has always been the coolest car on the market.  Heck, BMWs are ju

Certified Pre-Owned Explained

By Joshua Levinstone
A few weeks ago I wrote an article breaking down the many details that go into extended warranties.  I also briefly touched on Certified Pre-Owned cars as a comparison, because so many people a

Extended Warranties: Explained

By Joshua Levinstone
Yesterday, we talked about some of the misconceptions about actual value of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.  So today I want to talk about optional extended warranties, how they work, and wha

Determining the Value of a Used Vehicle

By: Dave Guttenberg (Owner of Automotive Imports)
It’s no secret.  There is an overwhelming amount of information–much of it conflicting–about the real value of a “Certified Pre-Own

View Our Cars in 360º

360 Degree Views It’s surprising how few dealerships are taking advantage of all the amazing technology out there.  Heck, I feel like we were late to the game. We just rolled out a new 360 degree view which allows a

Growing Our Brand Without Sacrificing What We Stand For

I think it’s safe to say–without sounding too arrogant–that we have a really fun dealership compared to most. Now, I use the term “fun” lightly, because, yea, car dealership and all… but just b

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BMW i3 …. The future of tomorrow Electric & Hybrid repair

Automotive Imports is excited to be one of the first independent shops in Colorado to have an Electric and Hybrid mechanic specialist. Scott Baumfalk is going to MA to get the most elite training in the country on Hybr…

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