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This a good place to start.  Lenders make decisions based on several factors.  Your Credit Score determines what interest rate, but your score alone is not enough to get you approved on a loan.  Your Credit History plays a major role in whether a lender will approve the loan.

Yes.  We have a solid relationship with many local Credit Unions and National Lenders which allows us access to rates not available to the general public.

This is probably the most frequently asked question.  Lenders understand that consumers may look a multiple vehicles at multiple dealerships, and that their credit may get run more than once.  When you purchase a vehicle, those credit inquiries get consolidated into one.  That said, running your credit too many times is a red flag for lenders and can hurt your ability to get approved on a loan.

Every lender uses a different Credit Score, so it falls on us to know and try to anticipate which lender will be the best fit for you.  Rather than send your application to every lender under the sun and hoping  for the best, we first look at your credit score so we can make an accurate decision about how to get you the best rate.

You should always be careful with your credit.  We don’t just want to sell you a car; we are hoping to earn a customer for life.  By getting you a low rate, we are hoping to put you in a position where you are happy with your payment, and in a few years will be in a position to buy another car from us.

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