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If you think your European car can go 15,000 miles without an oil change, we can assure you, you are in for an unpleasant surprise. We at Automotive Imports strongly reccomend that an oil change service should be done every 5,000 miles. It will keep your European car in superb condition, and will most likely eliminate unwanted surprises!
Frequent oil changes extend the life of any vehicle. Bring your vehicle to our state of the art facility today!


Weather you are buying a pre-owned European car or simply the time has arrived for the European car you are already driving, inspections can be crucial for the life of your European car. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic software to troubleshoot all your electrical and computer related problems.

coolant-ser-iconCOOLANT SERVICE

In every European car there is a large number of plastic components through which coolant flows in order to keep the engine at it’s normal operating temperature. Unfortunately, with the car over-heating, you are most likely going to need a new engine in the car as those engines cannot survive an overheating without major damage.

brake-fluid-ser-iconBRAKE FLUID SERVICE

Brake fluids must have certain characteristics and meet certain quality standards for the braking system to work properly.
To ensure reliability and safety, have your European car serviced for Annual Brake Fluid Service.
Always remember that the more you pay attention to your European car the higher the chances to catch some problems before you get stranded or have a small problem become a large one.

brake-sys-iconBRAKE SYSTEMS

Your European cars brakes should be inspected regularly to ensure its efficacy. As soon as they emit those grinding noises, the brake pads must be replaced. Brake rotor resurfacing must be in tune with brake pad replacement.
With a properly-functioning brake system, the driver will not only guarantee ample protection and levels of ease on himself and other occupants inside the vehicle, but to the pedestrian lot as well.
Preventive maintenance among your European cars brake devices must always be observed to prolong its life and its service.


Understanding and troubleshouting a highly sophisticated machine like your European car is not an easy task. That’s why we at Automotive Imports rely on state of the art equipment such as the auto diagnostic tool, and auto diagnostic computers to deliver a fast, and precise analysis of the error your European cars electrical system may be going through.

engine-repair-iconENGINE REPAIR

Oil pressure light flickering? Engine knock? Both? Major repair problem or minor annoyance? Either way, you should always quickly investigate the source before it becomes an even bigger problem.
Let us determine whether you have a major repair problem or just a minor annoyance.


Whether you need service or repair, we at Automotive Imports are here to diagnose your European car transmission problem with state of the art technology so that we can be sure exactly what the issue is


Is Your European car Trying to Tell You Something? Troubleshooting those weird noises coming from your car can help you determine needed repairs. It’s important that you listen to what your car is trying to tell you.
A heavy bumping sound, softer than a clang, usually indicates that you should look at the suspension bushings, including shock or strut mounts. Avoid driving an unsafe car, when you car talks to you…YOU SHOULD LISTEN!


Restoration services, from body panel, engine repairs to complete restoration. We believe that in order for any European car restoration to go smoothly you must use parts that are as real as your passion.

tyre-wheel-iconTIRE & WHEELS

Why not have all your BMW needs taken care in one place!
So if your European car is screaming for new tires, or any tire related services, from wheel alignment to tire balancing and wheel repair we have you covered. Save yourself an extra trip to the tire shop and leave the rest to us!


Pre-Purchase Inspections, A Must Before Buying Pre-Owned!
We are constantly updating to the latest in high tech diagnostic tools and equipment, if you are thinking of buying a pre-owned BMW then let Automotive Imports do the pre-purchase inspection. Better to find out sooner than later! Trust us.

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