Growing Our Brand Without Sacrificing What We Stand For

I think it’s safe to say–without sounding too arrogant–that we have a really fun dealership compared to most. Now, I use the term “fun” lightly, because, yea, car dealership and all… but just because so many dealerships have set such a low bar, it doesn’t mean some can’t break that mold. Right? Well, that is our goal, and we have a lot of exciting changes coming up over the next six months.

First, I should introduce myself. I’m Josh. I’m the marketing manager here at A.I. I’ve been with the company for almost four years, and have known the owner, Dave, even longer. We both share the same passion for all things cars, and have seen and heard numerous horror stories at other dealerships, and agree that by simply having a little fun and thinking outside the box, you can take an otherwise boring and, dare it say it, dreadful business model and make it a place people enjoy visiting.
My role as the marketing director is centered around how to create the best customer experience possible. I worked on the sales side of things for years, and even longer in customer service before that. With that said, here is a peak of the projects we are working on over the next few months.

Our social media presence has been lacking, but we don’t want to just post clickbait. Instead, we want to use these many platforms as a way to increase our transparency, so everyone can better know all that we currently offer and what’s coming up. I plan on keeping a running blog about not just our progress, but as a way to share helpful information, because as an experienced dealership and service center, we are privileged with access to tons of information that most people aren’t.

So, over the coming weeks, expect to see lots of new content. Everything from our progress updating our already cool showroom, breakdowns of how we source our vehicles, maintenance and servicing tips, and more. And if you have any questions or even ideas, I’d love to hear them. Please feel free to email me at or calling me at 720-550-7236, or by stopping by the showroom. My desk is right next to the door.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And if you haven’t seen the pics of our new Service Center office, check out our Instagram @automotiveimportsdenver, or you know, come on by!

By Joshua Levinstone