How to Check the Performance of a Pre-Owned Car

Making the decision to purchase a pre-owned car is a great one. There are amazing pre-owned cars out there that will give you the style and performance that you are looking for. Making an investment in the right pre-owned car can mean that you have this car for many years to come with less of an initial investment than a new car would cost.

You are much more likely to have a great used car buying experience if you take the time to really inspect the pre-owned car and not rush into the most affordable option. You want your pre-owned car to be worth what you will be paying for it and that means that no corners are cut when you do your inspection. You will want to know that the pre-owned car is at the performance level it should be. There are a few ways that you can check the performance of a pre-owned car that you are interested in purchasing.

Malfunctioning Engine Light

The engine light is what you use to determine what is going on with any car. Whenever the engine light comes on then you know that there is an issue or problem going on under the hood. This is a light that everyone learns to trust and take seriously. When it illuminates, you know to take in your car to a professional automotive shop to have it checked out. Due to this, you should be critical and skeptical if the seller of the pre-owned car tells you that the engine light is malfunctioning.

The check engine light will let you know how well the car is performing. If someone does not take this malfunction seriously then that could be an indication that there may be serious problems underneath the hood.

Alternatively, if the check engine light is not coming on when it needs to, then you will have no idea if there is a problem under the hood. If a seller has not expressed concern about a malfunctioning engine light, then it is suggested to bring in a mechanic to check it out.

A Shaky Suspension

The suspension is a very important part in the performance of a car. A shaky suspension can point to many different issues. When you test drive the pre-owned car, it is crucial that you pay attention to any shaking that could be coming from the suspension.

The shaky suspension could also be felt in the steering wheel. If the steering wheel is shaking then this could indicate that the pre-owned car lacks steering fluid. Both of these shaky parts will let you know that the pre-owned car is not able to perform as well as it should be.

Pre-Owned Car Test Drive

The shaking could also be coming from a loose part in the engine. If there is a loose part, then you will hear a loud rattling sound even if the car has not warmed up yet. The rattling in the engine can lead to the shaking in the suspension because all of the parts under the hood are connected in one way or another, and the continual shaking puts a lot of stress on the suspension.

Both the shaking steering wheel and the rattling engine can tell you that there is something wrong with the performance that the owner did not address or mention to you. These issues indicate that you should bring a mechanic to inspect the pre-owned car for either of these performance issues.

Car Guys You Can Trust

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