How to Maintain Your New or Used Car’s Engine

Properly caring for any vehicle, whether it’s brand new or used, requires some forethought and planning – otherwise, you’re just waiting for things to go wrong and addressing them as they come. Maintaining your car adequately can keep those problems from occurring at all, you will save thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs, and won’t have to go without reliable transportation for any extended period of time.

Your car’s engine is the main component of your vehicle that must be kept functioning optimally at all times, so it’s worth the discussion with yourself on how you can best care for it. In this article, we’ll go over some basic tips on how to maintain your car’s engine efficiency – particularly if it is a used car, as there will be special considerations you should make.

1. Find Out More Information

Whether your car is used or brand new, you need to know more about your car’s history, and therefore, it’s preventive maintenance needs. For instance, if you have just purchased a used car, you’ll want to know about the engine’s service history. If the car is new, then you might be more interested in specific engine-related design deficits that particular brand is prone to.

2. Don’t Skip Oil Changes

Oil changes are simple, but they’re one of the best things you can do to prevent engine damage. Motor oil is what keeps all the parts of the engine well lubricated to keep friction at a minimum, and therefore keeps parts from degrading quickly.

3. Maintain the Cooling System

Engine overheating is a serious problem that can result in significant damage over time the longer the problem persists without treatment. Keeping the coolant fluid full – especially during summer months – will help ensure your engine runs at the optimal temperature.

. Routinely Change Your Air Filter

In order for your engine to combust and ignite properly, it needs a specific amount of air to be taken in. This process is greatly impeded by dirty air filters, so it’s critical to make sure to change your air filter on a regular basis.

5. Check Seals, Valves, and Gaskets

Engine oil and coolant are constantly circulating through your engine, performing the critical tasks of cooling and lubricating. The systems they flow through are kept closed with seals, valves, and gaskets, all of which may fail over time. Keeping the systems air tight and closed is essential for preventing leaks.

6. Inspect and Maintain the Fuel System Components

As we mentioned before, your engine needs air and fuel in order to survive and run optimally. If one of these components falls short, you’ll experience a dip in performance and serious repair issues to address. Just as it’s important to keep your air intake clean and optimal, it’s equally important to ensure the quality and consistency of fuel that reaches your engine. Fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel lines, and fuel filters are just a few parts that should undergo inspections and servicing.

7. Belts, Chains, and Engine Timing

Timing belts and chains are critical for maintaining proper engine timing. If a belt snaps, it can cause catastrophic engine damage; therefore, it’s in your best interest to make sure belts are on straight and in good condition to avoid a disaster.

8. Inspect Spark Plugs and Wiring

Spark plugs are a major culprit for engine failure, and often wear out quickly in certain vehicle brands. Inspecting and changing out worn out spark plugs will help keep your engine in good health and keep it running reliably over time.

9. Don’t Let Warnings Go Unnoticed

Your vehicle is smarter than you think – it has a warning system built in to let you know when a part is malfunctioning or requires servicing. Listen to these warnings, and follow up with them as quickly as possible to avoid potentially significant engine damage.

10. Hire a Specialist

No matter what type of vehicle you own, used or new, it is essential to hire an automotive shop that specializes in the specific vehicle you drive. This will guarantee that you receive the highest standard of care possible, and that all the parts replaced in your vehicle are high quality.

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