How To Tell If Your Power Steering Pump Is Bad

Power steering is great! It is wonderful to be able to change directions with just a tap of the finger on the steering wheel. This is the kind of convenience your grandfather wished he had. Power steering can run into some problems, and if there is difficulty with the power steering pump it is possible you will have to wrestle with the wheel. There are some signs that you should be aware of to let you know when the power steering pump is beginning to fade.

Signs to know power steering pump problem

Power SteeringThe song your car sings can tell you in no uncertain terms that something is going terribly wrong. A high-pitched squeal that comes whenever you turn the wheel lets you know immediately that there are problems with the pump. If you discover that is taking increasingly more effort to turn the wheel of the car, it can suggest that the power steering pump is experiencing some difficulty. The color of power steering fluid is red. If there happens to be a puddle of this color underneath your car, then there is a leak and that is affecting the power steering. The problem when it comes to the pump is that low levels of fluid will lead to trouble with routine operations. Checking the fluid level routinely will also indicate whether or not there is enough power steering fluid.

How problems in drive belt are related to pump

A principal part of the car that has an influence on the power steering pump happens to be the drive belt. Problems with the belt are going to be transferred to the pump itself. You will notice if there’s a drive belt problem when your steering wheel begins to vibrate noticeably while the car is in idle.

If you think that you’re having trouble with your power steering pump you are certainly not alone. Difficulty with power steering systems has been getting a lot of media attention lately. Ford Motor Company has had to issue recalls of hundreds of thousands of vehicles because of problems with the power steering. These include three SUV models that Ford has produced. It is a very serious situation as several accidents have been reported that were connected to the power steering system. If you believe that the car you are driving may be subject to recall, contacting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (1-888-327-4236) will give you information on whether or not your car is being recalled.

Take help of trained auto mechanics

Difficulty with power steering on the road is best handled by slowly moving to the side of the road as soon as you can. Trouble with power steering is certainly not something to ignore. It also is a repair really should be handled by trained auto mechanics at an automotive service center. They can do the diagnostic tests to determine exactly what the problem is. It may simply be that your power fluid pressure is too low. It also may be that the power fluid has gone from red to a grayish color. That is a sign of oxidation and indicates that the power fluid itself is going bad. The mechanics can take care of the problem much better than most ordinary cars. Having them do it is good safety advice. Mistakes made by an amateur when it comes to working with a power steering pump can result in some very dire consequences.

Power Assisted Steering Rack

Take care of the problem immediately

It is not bad idea to check whether or not your car is subject to recall, particularly if it is a Ford product. That can allow for work to be done on the automobile by the company itself. Trouble with the power steering pump is yet another reason why a car owner needs to listen. The automobile will audibly communicate difficulties it is experiencing. These should not be ignored and the squealing sound whenever the steering wheel is turned is a definite danger signal. If you take your car in for a tune-up and the auto mechanic suggests there is a problem with the steering fluid, listen to him carefully! While you might be able to get a few more out of car, sooner or later a minor problem with the power steering pump will get worse. The worst-case scenario is not being able to steer well on the highway in fast traffic. That can create a situation where serious accidents that may be fatal could happen. The power steering pump is not something that should be ignored. Any problems have to be taken care of as soon as possible.