I3 Driving Impression from a real car guy!

Fast, ohh yeah with the weirdest quite whoosh this car really accelerates quickly. It is quick from a stop, it is quick on the highway, and it is just quick all around. The car is really too quick for the tiny tires. My drive home was almost 28 miles which I did at over 95 m.p.h. and the car felt great. I used a good percentage of the battery during my drive and my mach 1 speed certainly did not help the battery life.

Once I got home I had the hard task of plugging the vehicle in. You have to keep in mind my cell phone never has any battery because I forget to plug it in so plugging in a car seems like a task I might often fail at. After I robbed the extension cord from the weed wacker I plugged my car in. Just as I am certain my neighbors pay attention to my drive and they have seen Porsche 911’s and the Jaguar F-Type’s the “phone home et” blue glowing on the charger was no less noticeable or statement worthy than those cars.

i3 chargingThe next morning I unplugged my electric machine and took off. I am sure my neighbors liked the soundless i3 leaving vs the Jaguar F-type that just sounds angry at 7:00 AM. Getting on the highway I took my favorite banked 180 turn so fast the i3 lit up like a Christmas tree with traction control lights illuminating everywhere reminding me of the limitations of the tires and setup of this vehicle.

My next morning stop consists of going to whole foods which I do everyday because they have the best coffee and breakfast. This time I didn’t park upfront, I parked on the side at the charging station. I got out and plugged 20160510_065946my car in and went off for my morning ritual. At the register I asked the huge hippy if a lot of people use the stations. He claimed not at first but now they are busy all day. Based upon how he looked and the Teva sandals I thought he would be down for the cause of ev cars. He then proceeded to tell me how much he didn’t like ev cars and was scared of their limitations. I was quite surprised.

Am I converted? Whether we want to believe it or not our vehicle makes a statement about who we are and what we believe in. The color, size, and manufacture all make a statement about the person we are and what we want others to think about us. There are a lot of great things this car stands for that would be a positive association. I was so astounded by the electric motor. Sure I love the sound of a Ferrari, Porsche, or Jaguar but I have to accept that someday those sounds will be just a memory. The i3 is the perfect urban car and with all of the tax benefits and parking benefits it would certainly be my in city urban car. I believe there is a little in all of us that wants to do better and leave the world cleaner, for this reason I would own this car and want to be associated with it. However, next to it in my garage I would still have to have the F-type.