Range Rover: Perfect Anywhere

    I have always been a fan of Range Rovers. They exude elegance, they’re poised and refined, and they manage all of that while still offering unrivaled off-road capability. Simply put, from Moab to Monte Carlo, they are perfect in any situation. And since the current generation has been out for a few years, finding a great used a used Range Rover for sale is easy.

   2013 saw the release of the current generation of the king of SUVs. With the company, along with Jaguar, now in the hand of TATA, Land Rover now the financing to innovate and create the masterpiece we have now. The new body is made from an all-aluminum monocoque and weighs nearly a thousand pounds lighter than the previous model. That’s the equivalent of two Harley Davidson motorcycles. And the effect is clear.
    The current Range Rover and Range Rover Sport feel light, they have a smoother ride, they’re more fuel efficient, they’re faster, more capable… basically, they are better in every measurable way. But, have they lost what made them great? Have sacrifices been made along the way? Well, the short answer is no. They can still handle even the worst driving conditions with ease, and there are plenty of YouTube videos demonstrating just that. With the lightened body and absolute state-of-the-art technology working behind the scenes, they can make even the most treacherous drive through the mountains a breeze. The suspension and traction control are monitored over a hundred times per second, and because the suspension can raise and lower itself on the fly, the Range Rover can literally walk over rough terrain. It’s absolutely amazing.

   Granted, most people won’t be trekking through Moab in their luxury SUV, so with all of that off-road prowess, it must be a bumpy ride on every day streets, right? Again, no. Range Rover did the most important thing you can do to a vehicle–something the great Colin Chapman famously said: “Simplify and add lightness.” Shedding weight improves everything. It’s the difference between being hit in the face with a golf ball versus a ping pong ball. And because the new model is so light, it requires less power to accelerate, less strength to slow it down. It can changes directions faster, making it much easier to maneuver and avoid collisions. And because the suspension isn’t having to support so much weight, the ride is soft and smooth.
   And let’s not forget about the amenities. This is where the Range Rovers really shine. The interior is simple yet elegant. The buttons are right where you’d expect them, the menus are easy to navigate, and the layout just feels… right. All of this allows you as the driver to focus on, well, driving. The noise insulation is fantastic. Even cruising down an old road, things inside the cabin feel calm and relaxing, and because of that, you feel calm and relaxed as well. And that’s what you want from a luxury vehicle. Something that at the end of the long day distracts you from all the stresses in your life. It’s a vehicle you’re always excited to get into; it’s a vehicle that makes you smile. Every. Single. Time. That’s why I love the Range Rover.


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