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Range Rover Sport 2014+

Range Rover Sport

This vehicle needs an introduction.  Range Rovers have a tremendous amount of customization options–most of which are not easily identifiable from the outside.  So along with listing the external cues, I will explain my process for quickly figuring out all the options the car may have, and how I would word it to a customer if you’re unfamiliar with the particular vehicle model you are showing.  Bear in mind that we often upgrade the wheels on our Range Rovers, so they are not a reliable way to gauge features.  If you are unsure if a model has a certain option, slow down your process, access options you know come standard, like the backup camera, then you can expand into all of the other cameras, while looking like you knew they were there the entire time!

Standard Range Rover Sport seats.  Notice the center strip down the middle of the seat is not perforated.  This means this model does not have cooled seats.

Range Rover Sport with ventilated seats.  The center stripe is perforated.

Range Rover Sport with the 16 way Sports Seats.  Standard on the HST.

Terrain Response has 4 driving modes: General Driving, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud & Ruts, and Sand.

The button on the bottom left is Downhill Decent Control, which prevents the vehicle from naturally accelerating on a steep hill.

ASL (Automatic Speed Limiter) allows the driver to set a speed limit for the vehicle while driving–for those with a heavy foot

Terrain Response I on an HST with Adaptive Dynamics, which transforms the handling  by adjusting the suspension for on-road performance

Terrain Response II adds a 2 stage transfer case with Low Range Mode, along with 2 additional features.  Rock Crawl mode is added to the terrain selection for traversing extreme terrain, and All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC), which is a low-speed, off-road cruise control feature that maintains a speed between 1 & 18 mph.


Standard analog gauge display on SE & HSE Models.

The 12.3 LCD instrument panel comes on models with the Dynamic package, which can be on the HST, V8

Standard Cruise Control button without Adaptive Cruise.

The “distance” arrows on the cruise control buttons indicate that this model has adaptive cruise control.  This feature is a stand-alone option available on all models.

The main menu on the center screen is where you can access many of the feature the Range Rover Sport may have.  Selecting “Cameras” is a quick and easy way to see which cameras are equipped on this model without looking like you don’t know, as you can frame it as if you are showing another way to access the backup camera, then transition into “Also, this model has: …

The Lane Departure button indicates that this models has the Driver assistance package, which includes: Traffic Sign Recognition, Park Assist, and the 360 degree camera view.

Changes By Year


A high-performance SVR model joins the fold for 2015, as do the new HSE Limited and Supercharged Limited trim levels. Land Rover’s InControl smartphone app integration is also new this year. The new Driver Assistance package includes a lane-departure warning system and 360-degree parking sensors. Minor trim changes include standard satellite and HD radio across the lineup.


An optional turbodiesel V6 debuts on the 2016 Range Rover Sport, and the parking cameras have been upgraded. A crawl-control feature enhances off-road versatility, while a self-lowering suspension (“Auto Access Height”) eases ingress and egress when the vehicle is parked. Also newly standard are a hands-free power tailgate and a few features that were optional last year, including the InControl Apps suite, which now allows you to lock and unlock the SUV from your smartphone.


For 2017 the Range Rover Sport’s wide-ranging capabilities have been enhanced with a now-standard suite of active safety features for all models, including autonomous emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, and lane departure warning with lane keeping assist. A new low-traction launch mode also makes pulling away on slippery surfaces a no-stress affair. Finally, an updated infotainment system featuring a larger 10.2-inch touchscreen also makes its debut this year.


For 2018, the Range Rover Sport receives revised exterior styling and an updated interior with Land Rover’s Touch Pro Duo system. The supercharged V8 engine is also slightly more powerful this year.