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I want the most money for my car why would I want to sell it to a dealer?  We understand that most customers are looking for a premium for their vehicle and some of them are willing to take the time to sell their vehicle privately.  There are several large barriers that vastly preclude consumer to consumer sales, which include:

  1. The ability to obtain financing for the future buyer
  2. The need to payoff the current loan before transferring title  to the next buyer
  3. The ability to trade for the prospective buyers car
  4. Selling your car privately can be very danagerous
  5. Scams
  6. Loss of tax credits

What are we looking for.  We stake our reputation on the quality of our cars.  The determining factor on what we are willing to pay for a car is what recondition we will need to do to the vehicle to meet our certification requirements.  If your car is very well cared for and serviced we are able to pay a premium for that car because we will have lower if any recondition costs.  We are looking for high quality luxury cars.

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