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  • Working with Automotive Imports has proven to be dream. They have proven open, honest, and upfront in all areas of the process

    - Mark Miller
  • Best car experience we have ever had by far. Dave Guttenberg was outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation and will use them again in the future.

    - S Marlianii
  • I had a fantastic experience! Dave and Reuben are obviously passionate about cars, and the entire staff was a pleasure to work with. They were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable I couldn't recommend this place more!

    - Lisa Cook
  • The guys were great fun place no idea they had an awesome warehouse

    - Reb Franzeni
  • Outstanding service. Great transaction. Thank you.

    - Jam Cocoanut
  • I would like to give a big thanks to mark and the entire team. My car was brought in to them for a water pump and thermostat. Mark worked with my warranty company and got all repairs covered through them. They make stressful situations very smooth. Thanks again guys. You are the best!

    - Amanda W
  • I purchased my 2011 M3 coupe from Automotive Imports. I have purchased bunch of cars in past (this was my 11th car purchase) and I am not a fan any of the dealers who sold me the first 10 cars but my experience at Automotive Imports was great. You actually deal with nice guys and not some scumbag salesman trying to sell you anything and everything to increase his commission. Dave was the salesperson who helped me, and I got to meet and chat with Rueben, one of the two owners. Dave was really helpful and mindful of my time, he had all the paperwork ready before I walked in. The car had some small stuff that needed attention (some interior parts and rear brakes) but since it is under original warranty I was able to get it fixed at the local BMW dealership at no cost. Automotive had me come in to do some touch up work on the leather two weeks after the sale took place. This car looks as good as new and I am really glad I went with Automotive Imports as opposed to a local BMW dealer. As far as the price of the car was concerned, I think it was fairly priced (like all their cars) and I did not ask for any price reduction, I could not find this deal at other dealers around town and even out of town. I also love the fact that what you pay is the advertised price plus tax, YES, NO BOGUS DEALER HANDLING FEES. I was pretty much in and out in 30 minutes with my new car. If you are in the market for a car, do visit this small yet really nice dealership, you will also get to see the classic cars parked in their storage. I will definitely consider them in a heart beat for my next auto purchase. Thanks guys!

    - Ishaq Sayeed
  • After my experience with Automotive Imports I would happily recommend them to anyone looking to buy a car. Let me start by saying I was in the market for a rather rare vehicle that doesnt come along everyday for sale on craigslist. It was a 2010 BMW 535xi wagon. They had a great example of this vehicle, well optioned, very clean, black and for well under blue book. (This is the last year BMW imported these wagons to the states) I went to take a look and they immediately pointed out that it had just arrived and they had to fix an oil pan gasket leak as well as the rear truck electronics also needed repair. After the test drive and signing all of the paperwork to buy it, I left it with their service shop to fix all of the issues with the car, which they did an outstanding job on. The car drives and smells like its new. I feel this dealership was very honest and the owner Dave was very personable and easy to deal with. The car buying experience was above any other dealership Ive been.

    - James Scully
  • I have read all of the reviews for this dealership, the majority of them have been very positive (5 ratings), but there have been a few really poor ones as well. While I respect everyone's right to an opinion (especially if it is based on personal experience), I have to say opinion is Automotive Imports is an outstanding company to do business with. Not because it wasn't without issues or flaws, but because of how the dealership stepped up, took ownership, and made sure that everything was taken care of. My father taught me that you do not demonstrate your character when things are always going well, but when there are challenges. I had a couple of issues with my purchase, but this dealership made the right decision EVERY time, accepted responsibility, and addressed the issue to my complete satisfaction. I bought a 2003 BMW 530i over the Internet and had it shipped to Minnesota, that in itself was a risky decision; but it was NOT a risky decision given I was working with Automotive Imports. You can trust these folks. They care about your experience, their reputation, and they know how to earn your trust. Exceptional dealership and organization. I have been looking forward to writing this review since I first bought my car, and I hope that this review might help someone else feel comfortable with their decision to do business with Automotive Imports.

    - Michael Murphy
  • This Car Dealer is amazing!!!! I recommend it to anyone that it is looking to buy a car regardless if you are from Denver or out of town. My name is Johnny and I am from Miami FL. I just purchased an Altima SE-R from them and the service and customer service that Rachel gave me was one of a kind. I have been searching for this particular model for over 2 years now but I was looking for one that would be in perfect condition and at least with less than 65,000 miles on it. I found a few in other dealers and other states but every time I requested information and they find out I was from Miami they didn't provide me any customer service what so ever but not Rachel, Rachel as soon as I requested information about this car she emailed me all the information that I needed. In addition, when I informed her that I needed the car shipped to Miami FL she told me “No problem” and took care of all the paperwork for it. I bug her plenty and not once, she ignored my requests. She had an answer for everything that I had a question for and she was always updating me on the status of the car until the day it was deliver to me. I have never received such a high-class customer service from any dealer like the one I received from AUTOMOTIVE IMPORTS SALES & SERVICE. Thank you Rachel I’m loving my Altima SE-R!!!

    - johnny torres
  • Love the place and the people, I would buy a vehicle from Automotive Imports again and recommend to anyone in the market for a used car. I bought a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle and Rachel was fabulous as well as her brother (and one of the owners) Dave. I felt very cared for and was treated with respect, all my questions answered, never felt pressured or rushed, and basically had a great experience! Go to Automotive Imports and you will not be disappointed!! I am now driving my new favorite car and have no doubt that I will continue to receive excellent service if I have issues or when I need service or repairs. They mean it when they say you will become part of the family.

    - Dianne Zezulak
  • WOW! is all I can say! We were experiencing a tire issue on our way home to Minneapolis when we spotted and pulled into Automotive Imports. They squeezed us in and quickly sent us on our way! Very helpful...very professional. Great service and great waiting area! Thank you Arnold Kim and staff!!! 5 star recommendation

    - Charles Hallau
  • The best car buying experience I have ever had! The staff was friendly and fast. I got the car that I love for a very fair price. I will recommend this place to all of my family and friends.

    - Amy Dobersen
  • Would buy another vehicle hehere in a heart beat. Great service. I felt very comfortable because they are honest and transparent. No BS car sales. Ask for Tony.

    - Clayton Groff
  • Imagine you started your own car sales park. What would it be like? You probably would review past terrible experiences and fix that immeditately. Look no further when purchasing a car. They have successfully fixed the car buying experience. They have successfully mastered their service portion of the business. That's right, ladies and gents. These are the same guys that you grew up with. They are NOT working an angle for some huge corporation. They are NOT the dealership down the road with the intent of rolling you over on a deal. They want to sell you a vehicle, and they would LOVE IT if you came back for any service concerns. (And they don't rip you on the IMPORT price) . In a market full of big business bullies, these folks stand out as a true testiment to captalism. Work hard, build a strong reputation, and the rest falls in place. I would like to leave a note for Tony, in sales, as well. We were starving when we showed up at your door. Your team not only salvaged what snacks you had available, but also offered a loaner to go find something to eat during the car purchasing process. I hope your business does well in the future, and I hope that you don't lose the attention to detail that I have learned to appreciate. Your quiet kept secret in Colorado will not be a mystery very long once people find out how great purchasing a vehicle can be.

    - Derek Butler
  • We visited the dealership with our friend once to get him a car. My husband was eyeing for the 2012 Mercedes C300 but we didn't buy at that time. The pricing and conditions of the cars at the dealership/garage are great. The Carfax reports of most of the cars are clear and they provide a free copy for your reference. They have most of the imported cars below the KBB value. In comparison to other dealerships, I found them to be honest and straight forward in their approach. They definitely keep the pricing low and sales high. I was trying to get a deal for the 2012 Merc and we agreed on the pricing on the car on-line.Tony and Dave helped me with my buy. I reached the dealership & really liked 2013 Mercedes C-300 and they accommodated with no problem. Tony/Dave were very flexible with the overall deal. This was a surprise gift for my husband for his 35th birthday. And they did a fantastic job in completing my mission. Tony went out of his way and got some Birthday balloons (to decorate the car) and Dave (business owner) delivered the car at night for a big surprise. We are extremely happy with the dealership and appreciate that they went over and above helping me with financing (since I wanted my current bank to do the financing), trade in car, delivering the car late at night. Thank you and we will definitely use them again.

    - Binal Mehta
  • This is the fourth car I have purchased from Automotive imports- they are fantastic!! Quality cars, great salespeople and outstanding service. Dave is the best! I would recommend them to anyone- if you are looking for a luxury car that are great values, this is the place. I have always done research on the vehicles I am looking for and they are always the best price on very clean cars. Better yet- if anything is wrong or needs done after the sale, they are very responsive and will do whatever it takes to ensure you are treated well.

    - Bob Lay
  • I have purchased 3 Audi's This by far has been the best experience. I worked with a very professional and easy going Salesmen. I told Tony know the car I was interested in he made sure the care I was interested in was available when I arrived. No pressure salesmen tactics. No long drawn out process. Just here is a very nice car that is spotless and runs great. The personnel give us buyers time to get the car facts and make good Decision. I also worked with another salesmen I hope I get his name right, Zak. Zak Did a lot of the leg work who was also Very professional and personable. Automotive Imports Has Quality Cars, and Quality personnel The car is fantastic. Everything I expected and more. Very easy loan process I think 15 min. Of course it helps to have average or better Credit. But I'm sure if less than good credit is not big a bump in the road when trying to get a loan. Another side note. I had a technical concern about the sunroof on the Audi I was purchasing. Like with in 3 min the owner looked at the sunroof had answer and solved my concern. That kind of speedy response with a solution is what quality service is what should be happening in this industry more often. I'm not an easy person to satisfy these guys did and excellent job. Thanks for Reading Matt

    - Matt Andrews
  • By far my most pleasent experience with any dealership I have ever done business with, highly recommend to anyone looking for a quility used vehicle! I worked with Tony but the entire crew was very friendly!

    - Artem Igorevich