What Happens When An Engine Has A Bad Injector?

If anyone needs to be reminded, fuel injectors are important because they are the reason why the engine has any fuel in it at all. The injectors will deliver exactly the right amount of gasoline as directed from the engine control unit. A bad fuel injector means less fuel than is needed gets into the engine. It obviously results in poor performance and very low gas mileage; both are reasons to do maintenance work of car as soon as possible.

How fuel injectors develop problem:

Problems arise with fuel injectors in part due to the very fuel that the injectors Car Engine Display are funneling into the engine. Modern fuel has a number of additives to improve the efficiency of the gasoline. Unfortunately, the same additives, along with the oily residue that forms in the engine can make the injectors become dirty and restrict the flow of fuel. Fuel injectors can get clogged which limits its ability to provide gasoline for the intake manifold car. It is also possible that a rusted fuel injector will result in the injector valves not opening at all. Conversely, a buildup of sludge or even a fault in the injector can cause it to not close and that can result in leaks. It gets dangerous if there is an external leak in the injector. That can cause fuel to spill out onto the engine and is a bona fide fire hazard.

Indications of bad injectors:

There are some subtle indications that the fuel injectors are having problems. An immediate one is lower miles per gallon and increased visits to the gas station as a consequence. The car may start having trouble starting and the engine performance is not as smooth as it used to be. More dramatic problems can be the smell of gasoline coming from the car and increasing amounts of smoke coming out as emissions from the tailpipe. Once these symptoms are being noticed frequently, any further delays in getting the fuel injectors inspected can lead to serious engine failure.

Reasons of temperature variation:

It is going to require the use of some effective diagnostic tools to assess the degree of problems, if any, that a fuel injector is experiencing. A leak from the fuel injector will cause the exhaust manifold to register high temperatures. Low temperatures are the result of the injector valves not opening properly. A laser thermometer can determine the temperature of the exhaust manifold. An engine stethoscope will allow a person to determine problems by listing to the fuel injectors directly. If there is not a sharp, clicking sound, there may be a problem that is either existing or developing. A final inspection can be removing the fuel injectors and doing close examination. This can identify cracks in the injectors.

DIY v/s Expert help:

Fuel Injection FlushMaintenance work is primarily cleaning the fuel injector and removing the buildup and debris. This is done with a fuel injection flush so maintenance work can actually be do-it- yourself. However, an external leak is not something that can be repaired and a new injector has to be installed. It is something that is better done by a trained mechanic, then a do-it-yourself project. Any work is done on the fuel injectors should be done with very strong safety precautions, such as wearing gloves. Even if the engine is off, you are still dealing with that part of the car where there may be flammable residue or small drops of gasoline.

This is an old piece of advice but is certainly worth repeating. Routine maintenance and servicing of the car are the best ways of preventing fuel injector problems from happening. Additionally, oil changes done at the proper time can help prevent some of the residue build up that causes some of the fuel injector problems in the first place. Difficulty with the fuel injector is an opportunity to be able to spend some time with the auto mechanic discussing preventive measures that can keep future problems from occurring. Some very simple practices such as using the right type of oil can keep the fuel injector operating as it should.

The engine is amazing internal combustion machine, but relies on all of its parts, working effectively. Fuel injector problems will result in lower performance and ultimately destroyed engine block. Replacing that is more expensive than most budgets can afford. The warning signs of fuel injector problems should be taken very seriously. This is maintenance work that if needed ought not to be delayed.