What’s New At A.I.

Back in October when I started this blog I spoke about the huge undertaking we were working on to create the best possible dealership experience.  Not just a better dealership than our competitors, but a dealership that people would actually want to come to. It’s been a few months and we have made huge strides, and I wanted to post a little update on our progress.

One of the first things I wanted to tackle was the lack of information available to consumers.  I wrote several posts detailing the lesser known facts about financing, warranties, and what people should expect when shopping for a vehicle.  All of which I hope helped give car-buyers more power before stepping foot on a car lot. I will continue to add to those as well.

Our latest project has been the first of many steps towards making our dealership the most consumer-friendly out there, and a place people actually enjoy coming to.  Hours were spent brainstorming and refining how to achieve that, and here is where we started: beginning with our huge indoor showroom–something that I don’t think Dave (the owner) could have envisioned the full potential of when he chose this location less than a decade ago–, we decided to go a bit wild.

Because who doesn’t love the 80’s, and the fact we already had a Delorean, we rearranged everything and are currently working on building a Back To The Future staging area where people can take picture and have some nostalgic fun dressed as Doc. Brown–yes, costumes and props are on their way.  And over the coming months, expect a lot more neon and some terribly amazing carpet for the full 80’s mall arcade. Is this a bit gimmicky? Have we watched both seasons of Stranger Things too many times? Yes and yes, and we have no shame about that. We are even peppering in some exposed car parts you can interact with!

Like I said when I started this, car shopping sucks.  Period. So, why not go the extra mile–terrible pun intended–to make the dealership as fun as possible.  Gimmicks aside, we have also implemented my role as Resident Car Nerd with astonishing results. Not unlike the idea behind Apple’s Genius Bar, my main role here is to help answer more detailed and technical questions you may have.  Seeing as I have spent time in just about every car out there (the Car Nerd title fits) and I work closely with our service technicians, I do my best to offer honest and mostly unbiased (I am a BMW fanatic) opinions about all the different variables on all the different vehicles out there, so you can arm yourself with as much information as possible before buying a car.

Lastly, I am also finishing up our “meet the team” page–which I know doesn’t sound that exciting or innovative, but hear me out.  The vast majority of our team has been here at least 3 years. We have very little turnover, and we believe that your salesperson isn’t here to convince you to buy a vehicle, but instead help you through the buying process, so I wanted to allow potential customers a chance to get some rich insight on our team, so you never feel like a stranger here.