When Should I Rotate My Tires?

Car maintenance makes smart financial sense. Everyone wants to get as much of a return on investment as possible with their automobile. This sometimes means major repair work, but not always. It does happen that some of the most basic forms of maintenance can maximize the life on parts of the car. Tire rotation happens to be one.

Importance of tire rotation

New TiresAutomobile tires are very durable and should last for fifty thousand miles or more. Depending on the daily roadwork, tires will wear down at a slower or faster pace (e.g., lots of stop and go traffic in the city or driving on rough roads in the country will take a toll on the rubber treads). Tires are going to wear down unevenly. That is not the fault of the driver by the way. The front tires are in an area where much of the weight of the car is located. The front also handles the steering, and the breaking of the car. Conversely, cars that continuously carry very heavy loads in the trunk will notice some wear on the back tires. What this all means is that one or two quarters of the car will have more stress on the wheels than the others. Tire rotation simply moves those wheels which have received a lot of stress to another area of less wear.

Types of tire rotation according to size

There are actually two types of tire rotation to be considered. Front to rear is a very basic movement of the rear tires to the front in exchange. This is done with tires that have the same size. There is also the side to side tire rotation. If the tires have a different size, can help even out the stress on the tires.

Benchmark for tire rotation

Tire rotation can also be determined by the time of the year. Anyone living in an area that gets a lot of snow should consider doing a tire rotation & taking precautions before the winter sets in. This is also an opportunity to replace existing summer tires with more durable snow tires. The changing means that the snow tires can provide service for extended periods of time and the same is true for the summer versions. Car owners may also want to consider mileage markers for tire rotations. A recommended benchmark is every five to ten thousand miles. This can coincide with the regularly scheduled oil change on the car. The type of car is also going to influence the intervals of tire rotation. Those who drive high-performance vehicles, using them to execute hairpin turns and driving through winding streets, will discover that there tires are going to need rotation more often than the family car.

Benefits of tire rotation

The result of tire rotation is more than just saving the tires. This maintenance has been known to improve the gas mileage of the vehicle. Furthermore, there is a safety factor to consider. Driving with bald tires in the front has an adverse effect on the braking. It is also true that the ball tires in front have less traction on the road, causing skidding and loss of control.

Tire Change

Effect of air pressure in tires

It is possible to do tire rotation is a do-it-yourself project. This will require having the right tools and being able to make use of a lift to get the automobile off of the ground. Not everybody has the tools or access to a hydraulic lift, however. It might be a better idea to take the car into an automotive service center to have the work done. This is something that can be part of a routine maintenance service of the car. The vehicles are off the ground anyway for the oil change, so tire rotation can be done while it is up in the air. A final thought about the tires in general is the air pressure. Be sure that after tire rotation, the proper air pressure is in each tire. That is going to have a dramatic and positive effect on performance.

Tire rotation: A part of preventive maintenance

Tire rotation is not major piece of auto maintenance and the cost is not unreasonable at all. This is part of the preventive maintenance routine a car owner should grow accustomed to doing. Adding years of life on to the tires mean extending the time for buying new tires. The tires are able to last a few more thousand miles and that is a substantial return on investment.