Why Do Gear Problems Arise in Your BMW?

The BMW vehicle is known for reliability and ultimate luxury. With its sporty appeal and superior quality, it’s no wonder BMW sales are ever increasing. Although built to last, there are common problems that leave drivers rightly concerned. One of those problems has to do with shifting gears. Although seemingly small, a glitch in this department can result in issues that snowball on top of each other until the car is no longer driveable.

Why This Is Important

The ability to shift gears properly makes a significant difference in your vehicle’s performance. One wrong shift can be the difference between going forward or unfortunately backing into something. The gear controls the movement of your car as it communicates with the direction of your wheels. In addition, issues with shifting gears could signify larger transmission problems.

BMW owners know how sensitive German manufactured transmissions are. Replacing this large part of the car can be quite costly. To help prevent larger transmission issues, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of gear problems, so you can catch these problems early.

Symptoms of Gear Problems

Many of the symptoms associated with gear difficulties are quite apparent. In fact, they can be noticed as soon as you turn on your car. Such include variances in timing and communication between the driver and the action of shifting gears. An unannounced slip in gear, for example, can be one of the primary symptoms associated with gear problems. On the contrary, if your BMW takes a long period of time to recognize the shift in gear, this could also be a possible initial warning sign — not to mention a hurdle if you happen to be in a hurry.

The shift selector cable is an important piece that directs your transmission towards the chosen gear. Whether automatic or manual, there are specific cables that connect directly from the transmission to the shifter assembly. This correlation makes the gear an important function of any vehicle.

Sensors located within the vehicle are designed to alert the driver to possible warning signs. The indicator light provides you with a visual representation of which gear you are in. If this indicator sensor doesn’t match the gear you are in, issues with the shift selector cable are present. This means you may shift into “reverse”, but the sensor still has you marked as “drive”. This miscommunication, if left ignored, could lead to eventual transmission failure, as well as cause confusion and potential danger for the driver.

It is also noteworthy to look for any odd noises when shifting, jolts, and random leaks that may occur, as any jerking, grinding, or whining when changing gears could be signs of issues in the transmission.

Why Do These Problems Occur?

Typically, issues associated with shifting gears have a lot to do with the health of your transmission. A faulty or disengaged transmission may experience chronic fluid leaks. This results in a red or brown puddle of excess fluid that can accumulate under a parked car. Since the transmission relies on this fluid to function, low fluid levels can result in possible transmission failure.

Another potential cause is a stretched shift selector cable, which may make turning your vehicle on and off a challenge. For example, when turning the car off, the key may become stuck or jammed in the ignition. While seemingly minimal, this challenge can be quite dangerous when trying to shift between gears.

BMW vehicles rely heavily on routine maintenance and check-ups to ensure they are running properly. Often times, cars that are neglected over an extended period of time experience a compilation of problems that could result in total car failure. In order to keep your vehicle up-to-date, remain consistent with servicing and pay attention to little changes in your car.

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